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Best of David Brin

Best of David Brin

David Brin has thrilled readers in almost thirty languages by presenting vastly imaginative — and well-grounded — challenges set in times that might yet come... along with a sometimes razor-thin hope we’ll persevere. In this major retrospective collection of shorter work, gathered from across an extraordinary career spanning decades, you’ll find wonder via David Brin’s unparalleled talent at imagination, extrapolation, hard headed optimism, and plain old fun.
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The Out of Time series

David Brin's OUT OF TIME series

Would you want to be Yanked out of time... if it meant you could help save the future?

All our best efforts in the difficult 21st century bore fruit, and in the 24th century, people live in the very opposite of a dystopia. Only now their near-utopia is in desperate peril. Suddenly, they need heroes with grit and determination, who can teach them how to face trouble and prevail. So they reach back through time to fetch such heroes...

... but only teenagers can survive the journey from our present to the future! So the heroes they bring forward must be youths from eras teeming with troubled hope — teens from today and from deeper in the past — who are "yanked" to an uncertain tomorrow, where only their courage and savvy innovation can save the day.

Vivid Tomorrows

Vivid Tomorrows

Can science fiction — especially sci-fi cinema — save the world? It already has, many times. And it’s not been all dire warnings. While optimism is much harder to dramatize than apocalypse, both large and small screens have also encouraged millions to lift their gaze, contemplating how we might get better, incrementally, or else raise grandchildren worthy of the stars. Come along with legendary science fiction author and astrophysicist David Brin on a quirky quest for unusual insights into the power of forward-looking media.
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best-selling science fiction author



David Brin's science fiction novels and short stories have been New York Times Bestsellers, winning multiple Hugo, Nebula and other awards. At least a dozen have been translated into more than twenty languages. Novels include bold and prophetic explorations of our near-future, including The Postman (filmed in 1997) plus Earth and Existence.

His Uplift series plunges farther, envisioning galactic issues of sapience and destiny (with star-faring dolphins!) and includes Hugo Award winners Startide Rising and The Uplift War.

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    shorter fiction

    Short stories and novellas have different rhythms and artistic flavor than a complete novel. David Brin's short stories and novellas, several of which earned Hugo and other awards, exploit that difference to explore a wider range of real and vividly speculative ideas. Frequently, his shorter fiction explores the human desire (bordering on obsession!) to find or invent other intelligent life forms.

    Many of his shorter fiction has been selected for anthologies and reprints, and most have been published in anthology form; still others can be read on this website.

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    scientist & transparency/internet security expert

    DAVID BRIN scientist


    David Brin's Ph.D in Physics from the University of California at San Diego (the lab of nobelist Hannes Alfven) followed a masters in optics and an undergraduate degree in astrophysics from Caltech.

    Every science show that depicts a comet now portrays the model developed in Brin's PhD research — a spinning icy mass insulated by carbonaceous dust, with sun-heated, geyser-jets spewing particles into space. See the Astrophysical Journal paper "Three Models of Dust Layers on Cometary Nuclei" or an abstract of the dissertation: "Evolution of Cometary Nuclei as Influenced by a Dust Component."

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  • exploring nearby solar systems has renewed interest in expanding into our own
  • DAVID BRIN trasnparency expert

    authority on transparency, privacy and security

    David Brin's non-fiction book, The Transparent Society: Will Technology Force Us to Choose Between Freedom and Privacy?, continues to receive acclaim for its accuracy in predicting 21st Century concerns about online security, secrecy, accountability and privacy.

    Other papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals cover an eclectic range of topics, from astronautics, astronomy, and optics to alternative dispute resolution and the role of neoteny in human evolution.

  • analyzing the issues surrounding transparency, security, privacy, and openness
  • how we confront and solve our 21st century challenges and opportunities
  • predictions and ponderings about our near and far futures
  • Two of the peer-reviewed articles can be read here:

    "Neoteny and Two-Way Sexual Selection in Human Evolution," (J. Social and Evolutionary Systems 18(3) 1996), speculates why we turned out so strange compared to other species.

    The lead article in the American Bar Association's Journal on Dispute Resolution (15(3) 2000), "Disputation Arenas: Harnessing Conflict and Competition," looks at how truth is determined in our four "accountability arenas" — science, democracy, courts and markets.

    in-demand public speaker & business/governmental consultant

    DAVID BRIN public speaker

    public speaker

    David Brin is best-known as a 'futurist' who speaks plausibly and entertainingly about trends in technology and society to audiences willing to confront the challenges that our rambunctious civilization will face in the decades ahead. He also talks about the field of science fiction, especially in relation to his own novels and stories.

    Throw in curiosity about science- and tech-driven change, an immersion in history/anthropology, plus an avid belief in the potential of human civilization, and to date he has presented at more than 200 meetings, conferences, corporate retreats and other gatherings.

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  • DAVID BRIN consultant

    future/tech consultant

    David Brin contributes his knowledge and expertise about information-age issues, scientific trends, future social and political trends, and education to corporations, governmental and private defense- and security-related agencies.

    Past venues include Google, Microsoft, IBM, GE, Viacom, Boeing, PayPal, Procter & Gamble, Qualcomm, SAP, LaBatt, Imation, Mitre, Swissnex, FiRe — Future in Review Conference (yearly since 2001), TTI/Vanguard, Service Industry Association, Zimmer Gunsul Frasca, SAIC, and many others.

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    best-of lists

    OMNI Online listed The Postman as one of ten science fiction books that changed the genre forever. read it here

    Urban Developer Magazine named David Brin one of four “World’s Best Futurists” — in august company with Kevin Kelly, Michio Kaku and Ray Kurzweil. read it here

    David Brin appears on onanalytica.com's list as the top individual influencer on Artificial Intelligence. read it here

    David Brin has been named a Top Quora Writer for 2017 (second year in a row). follow him on Quora

    latest news

    Thomson Reuters just published one of David Brin's best interviews about Artificial Intelligence and ways to get a "soft" singularity. His proposal re AI is (alas) not offered anywhere else, though it's the only one that can possibly work... because it already has worked, increasingly well, for 200 years. read it here

    David was interviewed about transparency, freedom and the future by the Indian magazine Factor Daily, with emphasis on India's ambitious Aadhaar Program to digitize all billion of the nation's people. read it here

    Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson interviews Brin and Boise State University professor Justin Vaughn about the ways in which our cameras-everywhere culture is affecting the candidates, presidential campaigns and us. Brin's podcasts page has more like this

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    blogger & social media influencer

    DAVID BRIN blogger

    Contrary Brin blog

    Who could've predicted that social media would play such an important role in the 21st Century — restoring the voices of advisors and influencers!

    Since 2004, David Brin has maintained a blog about science, technology, science fiction, books, and the future — themes his science fiction and nonfiction writings continue to explore.

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  • DAVID BRIN social media influencer

    social media influencer

    Who could've predicted that social media — indeed, all of our online society — would play such an important role in the 21st Century — restoring the voices of advisers and influencers! Urban Developer Magazine recently named David Brin one of four World's Best Futurists, and he was cited as one of the top 10 writers the AI elite follow.

    The lively and intelligent comments posted in response to BRIN's blogs, videos, podcasts and articles spill over onto his social media pages.

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    All the Ways in the World to Reach David Brin

    an ornery, contrary BLOG, and other insightful wormholes!

    Do not enter if you want a standard "Party" line! Contrary Brin's incendiary posts on science, sci-fi and politics and its engaged, opinionated community poke at too-rigid orthodoxies, proposing ideas and topics that fascinate — and infuriate. See for yourself, and if you like — subscribe for more.

    Questions? Concerns? Email DAVID BRIN at mail@davidbrin.com


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  • final thoughts ...

    ... for this page, at least ...

    Herb Brin (1915-2003)

    Herb Brin at the Los Angeles Times

    A tribute page about my father, journalist and poet Herb Brin, appears here. The page includes access to his fascinating autobiography, "Shouting for Justice: The Journey of a Jewish Journalist Across the Century of Hitler and Israel," his two investigatory travelogues, and his internationally-acclaimed books of poetry — some with prefaces by Elie Weisel, recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Several of his poems are available to read on the page.

    Herb Brin was born in the vibrant immigrant enclave of Chicago's Northwest Side and after high school staked out the beginning of his lifetime career in the brawling journalism of 1930s Chicago, covering gangland killings, corrupt politics and the aching heart of poverty.

    After soldiering in World War II, he took the advice of another great journalist, went West and back into the fourth estate. He was earning a reputation as one of the liveliest feature writers on the Los Angeles Times when he suddenly turned his back on the safe, monthly paycheck and dove bravely into the swirling waters of Jewish journalism.

    It was then that he established Heritage, which, despite glum predictions, survived, matured and thrived, and expanded into a chain of four lusty Southern California weeklies. Herb went on to become one of the most honored Jewish newspapermen of his day.

    If you feel moved to read his work, please leave a comment on Herb Brin's Memorial Facebook page.

    Also available: "The Menorah Man," a fantasy "written only for children and their dreams."