"Self-awareness is probably overrated. A complex, self-regulating system doesn't need it in order to be successful, or even smart." — Earth

"This book is a treasure. It drastically changed my worldview and made me come to see the urgency of some of the issues facing our generation. One of Brin's concepts has actually become a major piece of my belief system. Besides all of this serious stuff ... this is a damn fun book to read that you will not put down until you are finished!" — Goodreads community review


Orbit, 2012; Bantam Spectra, 1990

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"This speck, a mote, exists."

It's fifty years from tomorrow. A microscopic black hole has accidentally fallen into the Earth's core and the entire planet is in danger of being destroyed within two years. A team of scientists frantically searches for a way to prevent the ultimate disaster. But while they look for an answer, others argue that the only way to save the Earth is to let its human inhabitants become extinct: to let the million-year evolutionary clock rewind and start over.

From an underground lab in New Zealand to a spacestation in Low Earth Orbit, from an endangered species conservation ark in Africa to a home in New Orleans, Earth spans exotic settings and challenging new ideas. It's peopled with extraordinary characters: a brilliant, devoted young scientist who discovers his life's work may be responsible for destroying the world; a hard-bitten shuttle pilot who vows to learn the secret of her husband's tragic death; a legendary Novel laureate whose relationship with the planet borders on the mystical; amidwestern youth who leaves behind the boredom of suburban American life for the dangers of the unknown; a Maori billionaire who fears that all his money cannot control his fate — or the fate of the world.

But, above all Earth is a profound, impassioned testament about our own responsibility to our endangered planet.

Earth was NOMINATED: 1991 Hugo award for best novel [runner-up].

predictions and more

People have been compiling lists of predictions from Earth and some of Brin's other books. Here are several prediction collections:

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  • Brin reads Earth

    Watch these YouTube videos of David brin reading chapters from Earth.

  • "A Tale of the New-Born Earth"
  • "A Dust Wafts through the Hills and Valleys of Iceland"
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    more about Brin's Earth

    a prediction engine?

    From the First Edition cover of Earth: "In Earth," Brin has created a novel of an incredibly real future: global computer networks that put limitless information at everyone's fingertips; endangered animal populations that survive only in genetic laboratories; an environment, ravaged by the greenhouse effect, made habitable only with sunglasses and skin creams; a Siberia that has become a temperate zone due to violently shifting weather patterns; a quiet revolution by the politically powerful elderly; and radical new conservation laws that make polluting a felony offense — alas, too late."

    It's been more than two decades since Earth was first published. Since then, some things have eerily come true. The prediction getting the most attention was the book's portrayal of a vivid, dynamic world wide web — though under a different name. (Note how the web-address system it uses differs from the URL codes that developed a few years later.) Some people credit Earth with foreseeing the 'web page' and self-forming internet communities, but the ideas were already latent — almost obvious — when Brin began writing the book in 1987.

    The same holds true for 'wearable' computing... the ability to walk about in wireless contact with a seamless Net, looking up information, even through your VR glasses. Some say this first appeared in Earth, but several people spoke of similar possibilities even earlier.

    As for Global Warming, a looming refugee crisis, the need for young people to demand a place amid an aging population, the desperate struggle to preserve species and all the rest... even the notion of a micro-black hole as an ultimate "environmental threat"... none of these originated with Earth.

    One Brin-vention that is turning out differently: the "Helvetian War" — a metaphor standing in for the inevitable day when the world's people will get fed up with the wretched and universally vile effects of banking secrecy.

    Learn more about all of Brin's novels and books here, and his shorter fiction here.

    foreign-language editions

    Earth has been translated into Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Portugese. Here are some of the covers of the foreign and foreign-language publications.

    Earth's foreign editions

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