"I liked Foundation's Triumph a lot!" — Janet Asimov

DAVID BRIN's Foundation's Triumph

Harper-Collins, 1999

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Isaac Asimov's brilliance lives on

Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy is one of the high-water marks of science fiction. The monumental story of a Galactic Empire in decline and a secret society of scientists who seek to shorten the coming Dark Age with tools of Psychohistory, Foundation pioneered many themes of modern science fiction.

Now — authorized by the Isaac Asimov estate — the Second Foundation Trilogy completes the epic the Grand Master left unfinished.

Gregory Benford starts the series with his book Foundation's Fear, which tells the origins of Hari Seldon, the Foundation's creator. Greg Bear's Foundation and Chaos, the second book in the series, relates the epic tale of Seldon's downfall and the first stirrings of robotic rebellion.

David Brin's concluding volume wraps up all of the loose ends. Foundation's Triumph carries Isaac Asimov's epic universe to its logical (and satisfying) conclusion.

Hari Seldon is about to escape and risk everything for one final quest — a search for knowledge and the power it bestows. The outcome of this final journey may secure humankind's future — or witness its final downfall.

And for those of you who — after reading how I tied together all of Isaac's loose ends in this book — wonder if there are still a few more dangling out there? Well... here's that special denouement that I promised in the afterword of Foundation's Triumph!

For an exploratory dive, revealing much about the Foundation Universe and the personal and literary journeys of Isaac Asimov, here's some of what's gone on behind the curtain.

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While Foundation's Triumph can be enjoyed alone, some people might want to also read the first two novels from the Second Foundation Trilogy.

Foundation's Fear and Foundation and Chaos

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Foundation and Empire

Second Foundation

I, Robot

Prelude to Foundation

Forward the Foundation

Foundation and Earth

Foundation's Edge

Robot Visions

The Caves of Steel

The Naked Sun

The Robots of Dawn


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[image, l. to r., of David Brin, Greg Bear & Gregory Benford; photograph © Stewart Blandon]

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    Foundation's Triumph reviews

    Science Fiction Weekly

    "A satisfying and clever finale ... An impressive, thought-provoking addition to Isaac Asimov's formidable legacy."

    Tulsa World

    "Will intrigue new readers and please veterans of both his own and Asimov's writing." review

    "I should point out that Brin even integrates Asimov's other fiction in a fashion consistent with the way the Good Doctor did it: old stories, even legends, handed down and possibly distorted over the age but stumbled across (or cherished) by our heroes."

    critical acclaim for the Second Foundation Trilogy

    The New Yorker

    "The three new 'Foundation' novels ... are far more than just new pieces of the same story. They add up to a deeply affectionate work of literary deconstruction."

    Science Fiction Weekly

    "In the Second Foundation Trilogy, Gregory Benford, Greg Bear and now David Brin have conducted a lively exploration of the logical and ethical implications of Asimov's sprawling future history."

    Kirkus Review (starred review)

    "Intriguing and engrossing ... [a] curious blend of reinventions and retrospective criticism."

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    "New tech is handing society tough decisions to make anew about old issues of privacy and accountability. In opting for omni-directional openness, David Brin takes an unorthodox position, arguing knowledgeably and with exceptionally balanced perspective."
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