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A collection of articles from politics to transparency to SETI to emergency planning.

TALKING futures

Talking Futures, a series of interviews with thought leaders at the European Union's recent ICT conference in Vilnius, are now available for viewing -- including half a dozen short, topical segments with yours truly on topics like the future of information technology, challenges for privacy, how to prevent bad futures, and how to strive for good ones. Other experts offered views on the "future of the Cloud," Big Data, peace and conflict, and the search for aliens!


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about David Brin

Collected interviews on TV, radio, major print and other media about science and fiction! About Optimism, transparency, technology, and the rapidity of change. About space & SETI, the Singularity, pop culture, Avatar, Tolkien, and Yoda. And much more. For even more interviews, see about David, interviews, and media.

Brin defines hard SF


The River of Time is now available as an ebook (Smashwords, Kindle, and Nook) and an audio version, beautifully narrated by my friend, actor Stephen Mendel.

beautiful reprints!

To celebrate the U.K. release of EXISTENCE in paperback, Orbit Books (UK) has also re-released the six Uplift books as two omnibus editions and re-released Earth and The Postman -- all with specially-designed new covers.


Trekspertise just released a beautiful, image-rich video of a talk I gave about "What Is Science Fiction?"

TEDx: Does it help to be "Mad as Hell?" My talk at TEDxUCSD reveals how an unseen addiction is destroying our civilization. Are we abandoning our greatest gift — the ability to actually solve problems? (Here are the slides.)

SMITHSONIAN: will we supply our own new diversity? Suppose we don't meet aliens. Might we satisfy our thirst for "otherness" anyway, by widening the range of who "we" are? Incorporating intelligences that are artificial, or human variants, or uplifted animals? Watch my assumption-shattering talk at the Smithsonian. Here are the slides that accompany the talk! Open alongside and click along with me.

PODCAST: Dweebcast is one of these joyfully-geeky mini-shows that celebrate tech optimism. In this episode they ask me: "Hey, where are the hoverboards we were promised in Back to the Future?"

PRESS KIT: Now active -- pdf versions of my press kit and a listing of major interviews for journalists seeking concise background information, bios etc.

NEWLY PRINTED: The European, a top policy journal, ran one of my best summaries of the argument for a Transparent Society — one in which we are all empowered to see and to hold accountable those who might harm us. I argue that this is the only way we can possibly defend freedom, safety, science, justice and — ironically — some privacy in the rapidly unfolding 21st Century.

UP FOR DISCUSSION: This well-written article summarized ideas exchanged during an interesting panel discussion at Arizona State University. Topics ranged from reputation systems and surveillance technologies to the future of the Internet as a problem-solving tool.

QUOTATIONS: By request, we collected some of the most popular, pungent or provocative David Brin quotes in one place.

EXISTENCE! a novel of our future

... and already racking up predictive hits! This article (by Steve Outing), examines how journalist Tor "relies on credible smart mobs and ubiquitous connection."

Learn more and sample stories from this exciting saga about the near future, praised by critics and readers as a driving adventure "with at least two startling ideas per page."

I could not put it down — Temple Grandin

(An) immaculately conceived and rendered book, massive and dense but somehow light-footed as well.... These are not merely people from 2012 transplanted to different circumstances, but true denizens of the future. — BarnesAndNoble.com

Watch a vivid preview trailer of Existence packed with dramatic images by the great web artist Patrick Farley.

Read story-excerpts and praise from Publisher's Weekly, Temple Grandin, Vernor Vinge, Stephen Baxter and others, or purchase now.

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exploring the solar system

At Planetfest 2012, Brin asks, 'will we see a new burst in planetary exploration?'


Brin the Public Speaker

Companies, meetings, and agencies book me as a popular speaker or consultant. See coming public appearances, below.

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I Am A Member Of A Civilization

It's good we have a rambunctious society, filled with opinionated individualists. Serenity is nice, but serenity alone never brought progress. Hermits solved no problems. The adversarial process helps us to improve as individuals and as a culture. Criticism is the only known antidote to error -- elites shunned it and their evasion spread ruin across history. We do each other a favor (though not always appreciated) by helping find each others' mistakes. And yet...

...we'd all be happier, better off and more coping of criticism if each of us were to now and then say:

"I am a member of a civilization." (IAAMOAC)

Step back from anger. Study how awful our ancestors had it. They struggled to get you here. Repay by appreciating civilization.

NOT the end of the world

David reads an interlude from EXISTENCE: Why were folks in every age and culture fixated on the world's end? From Ragnarok to Revelation to comets... an amusing tour of our obsession with doomsday!

sci-fi barometer

From UCTV Prime: "Now we have the honor of presenting our interview with David Brin, renowned science fiction author and futurist (possibly the coolest job title on the planet), who discusses the merits and hazards of extrapolation in science fiction while making the case for enlightened optimism in the face of fashionable cynicism."

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