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I currently have two nonfiction books for sale:

The Transparent Society: Will Technology Force Us to Choose Between Freedom and Privacy? (hardcover) is available here for $ 35.00. The trade paperback is still available in bookstores or through this site).

Extraterrestrial Civilization (a book of reprints of scholarly articles about the search for intelligent life in the universe), edited by Thomas Kuiper and David Brin, which contains the classic review article on the science of alien life by David Brin (large format softcover, very rare, $ 150.00).

I also have nonfiction articles for sale for ebook readers, as well as many nonfiction articles to read on this website or other sites (I publish nonfiction articles in many venues). Articles can be found on many pages on this site, including world of ideas, political world, radical transparency, or by linking to me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Scoop.it, or one of my blogs (see my expanding list of social media sites).

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If you need a signed mass-market paperback to fill out your collection, first try buying the book through your local store, then check my calendar (above) to see when I'll be appearing in your area.

If you can't make it to an appearance -- or I'm not appearing where you live -- you can purchase the book from your local bookstore (or on this website) and mail it to me, enclosing a SASE so I can return it.

You can purchase signed copies from me directly and I will sign it and mail it to you. But to keep from becoming a Postman (tempting though that is), I'm charging $ 20.00 each (paperback only) -- plus postage. Click over to my books page for a description of my books.


The list of collector's hardcover copies I sell is below. To learn if a particular book is currently for sale in most bookstores -- or to learn more about my novels -- go to books and click on the appropriate title. (I have links to many online ordering venues so you can purchase a copy without leaving this site.)

You can also read (for free or purchase for an ebook reader) some of my short stories on this site.

The rare hardcover editions of my novels I'm currently selling are:

  • Earth $ 45.00
  • Glory Season $ 60.00
  • The Postman $ 300.00
  • Infinity's Shore $ 10.00
  • Foundation's Triumph $ 100.00
  • Kiln People $ 50.00
  • Earth is on acid-free paper with sewn bindings, a lovely collectable edition. The others all come on acid-free paper. All titles are hard to find in hardcover. All for sale here are first printings in fine condition.

    FREE signed bookplates

    I've taken to passing out signed bookplates at some of my speeches and special appearances. I have a few extra on hand for Kiln People, Contacting Aliens and The Life Eaters.

    While supplies last, I'll provide these signed bookplates as free gifts to anyone who sends a self-addressed stamped envelope (a letter-sized #10 envelope will do) -- plus a photocopy-receipt for a recent donation (of any size) to the March of Dimes, Project Witness, the Heifer Project or the Sierra Club... or some equivalent charity... or a receipt from a recent blood donation.

    to ORDER

    If you want to make a purchase directly from the author, please email me first to confirm ordering details. Please specify what you are ordering and where it will be sent.

    Please enclose (1) a check or money order in U.S. currency for the amount of purchase, (2) a brief note specifying which book you are ordering, and (3) all relevant shipping materials (see below). If you prefer to use PayPal instead of a personal check (this may be essential if you are ordering from outside the U.S.), please verify your price calculations with me by email, first, and I will reply with the PayPal account address. Although this will get payment out of the way efficiently, you must still send me by regular mail a return address label and a note reminding me what you ordered (which books you've paid for), and how they should be autographed. Since I provide books and other items free or at cost, it's only right to make this service as convenient to me as possible.

    SHIPPING MATERIALS: Whether making a purchase request or a request for an autograph, please include a separate self-addressed, padded envelope or box large enough (and sturdy enough) to contain the book, with appropriate and sufficient postage for the total number of hardcovers or paperbacks to be mailed. Please affix the stamps to the return envelope or box. Postage to locales outside the US will require international postal coupons.

    Hardcovers generally measure just under 7x10x3 inches and require about $7.50 postage per volume. The envelope and return postage you'll need for paperbacks will be smaller. To determine whether the envelope will fit, experiment at home before shipping the package to me. If you have any doubt about the amount of postage or type of mailer needed, visit your local Post Office for advice.

    If you have a special request for a (brief) dedication, please enclose it, as well.

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