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science fiction and fantasy writers debate the most popular science fiction films of all time

DAVID BRIN's Star Wars on Trial

Benbella Books, 2006 & 2015

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what hath George Lucas wrought?

"Are we being taught, gradually but inexorably, to turn away from the whole modernist agenda? The concept that science, society, citizenship and faith are things that go well together, contributing to the good of everybody? Or that there was once a good idea — to replace arbitrary leader-worship with democratic institutions that we can all hope to share?" — Star Wars on Trial

Is George Lucas' Star Wars the most significant, powerful myth of the twentieth century or a morally bankrupt military fantasy? Will J. J. Abrams' twenty-first century contribution to the Star Wars series avoid, repeat, or correct the mistakes of the originals? These are just a few of the questions Star Wars on Trial: The Force Awakens poses.

In Star Wars on Trial, two dozen wonderfully articulate authors 'testify' either for the prosecution or the defense. Is SW fantasy disguised as science fiction? Does the series spread doom-pessimism about democracy? Has it been a let-down since 'The Empire Strikes Back'? Does it even make any sense? Be prepared for a wild, extravagant 'trial' — brash and entertaining and downright fun!

Brin's original Star Wars critiques

In interviews and articles, David Brin is often asked to comment on movies, particularly science fiction and fantasy movies. The most infamous of these was the series he wrote about Star Wars for Salon Magazine. He's posted his thoughts on the response to the serieson this site.

Hear also his interview for WIRED Magazine. Seems the accompanying article and headline re-ignited the ire of the Star Wars fans!

Want to learn more? See this interview at Science Technology Future.

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table of contents


Introduction by David Brin
Introduction by Matthew Woodring Stover

Opening Statements:
For the Prosecution: David Brin
For the Defense: Matthew Woodring Stover

Charge 1: The politics of Star Wars are anti-democratic and elitist.
For the Defense: Keith R. A. DeCandido

Charge 2: While claiming mythic significance, Star Wars portrays no admirable religious or ethical beliefs.
For the Prosecution: John C. Wright
For the Defense: Scott Lynch

Charge 3: Star Wars novels are poor substitutes for real science fiction and are driving real SF off the shelves.
For the Prosecution: Lou Anders
For the Defense: Laura Resnick
For the Defense: Karen Traviss
For the Defense: Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Charge 4: Science fiction filmmaking has been reduced by Star Wars to poorly written special effects extravaganzas.
For the Prosecution: John G. Hemry
For the Defense: Bruce Bethke

Charge 5: Star Wars has dumbed down the perception of science fiction in the popular imagination.
For the Prosecution: Tanya Huff
For the Defense: Richard Garfinkle

Charge 6: Star Wars pretends to be science fiction, but is really fantasy.
For the Prosecution: Ken Wharton
For the Defense: Robert A. Metzger
For the Prosecution: Bruce Bethke
For the Defense: Adam Roberts

Charge 7: Women in Star Wars are portrayed as fundamentally weak.
For the Prosecution: Jeanne Cavelos
For the Defense: Bill Spangler

Charge 8: The plot holes and logical gaps in Star Wars make it ill-suited for an intelligent viewer.
For the Prosecution: Nick Mamatas For the Defense: Don DeBrandt

Closing Statements:
For the Prosecution: David Brin
For the Defense: Matthew Woodring Stover

The Verdict

Star Wars on Trial in the world

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