Visions of Our Coming Transparent World


Locus Magazine's 2017 Recommended Reading List

"Entertaining and provocative, and piercingly relevant for our own time." — Toronto Star

DAVID BRIN's Chasing Shadows

Tor Books, 2017

Read James Gunn's introductory essay, "Private Lives," and Vylar Kaftan's story, "FeastWar," on Tor's website, or scroll down to purchase CHASING SHADOWS.

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light appears to be pouring across the planet

Young people log their lives with hourly True Confessions. Cops wear lapel-cams and spy agencies peer at us — and face defections and whistle blowers. Bank records leak and "uncrackable" firewalls topple. As we debate internet privacy, revenge porn, the NSA, and Edward Snowden, cameras get smaller, faster, and more numerous.

Has Orwell's Big Brother finally come to pass? Or have we become a global society of thousands of Little Brothers — watching, judging, and reporting on one another?

Partnering with the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination, and inspired by Brin's nonfiction book, The Transparent Society: Will Technology Make Us Choose Between Privacy and Freedom?, noted author and futurist David Brin and scholar Stephen W. Potts have compiled essays and short stories from writers such as Robert J. Sawyer, James Morrow, William Gibson, Damon Knight, Jack McDevitt, and many others to examine the benefits and pitfalls of technological transparency in all its permutations.

Among the many questions...

  • Do we answer surveillance with sousveillance, shining accountability upward?
  • Will we spiral into busybody judgmentalism? Or might people choose to leave each other alone?
  • Will empathy increase or decrease in a more transparent world?
  • What if we could own our information, and buy and sell it in a web bazaar?

inter-viewing editors

Co-editors David Brin and Stephen W. Potts were interviewed on KPBS radio about Chasing Shadows. Among the questions posed: what happens in a society without privacy?

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table of contents


Introduction: Private Lives James Gunn

Mine, Yours, Ours Jack Skillingstead
Insistence of Vision David Brin
Planetbound Nancy Fulda
The Right's Tough Robert J. Sawyer
The Circuit Riders R.C. FitzPatrick
The Werewolves of Maplewood James Morrow
The Road to Oceania William Gibson

I See You Damon Knight
Eyejacked David Walton
FeastWar Vylar Kaftan
Your Lying Eyes Jack McDevitt
The Disaster Stack Vernor Vinge

First Presentation Aliette de Bodard
AfterShift Memories David Ramirez
Spew Neal Stephenson
Private Life in Cyberspace John Perry Barlow

Elderjoy Gregory Benford
Street Life in the Emerald City Brenda Cooper
The Eyes Have It Stephen W. Potts

Preferences Cat Rambo
Vectors Stephen Gaskell
Public Domain Scott Sigler
To See the Invisible Man Robert Silverberg
The Disconnected Ramez Naam

Eminence Karl Schroeder
Sport Kathleen Ann Goonan
Elephant on Table Bruce Sterling
A Tsunami of Light Afterword by David Brin

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