"Of course you recall the nursery rhyme each Earthchild learns, to help remember the Orders of Life — Oh How My Reality Tricks Me Easily — a mnemonic that's philosophically useful as well as handy." — "the 7 known orders of life in the Uplift universe"

DAVID BRIN's Contacting Aliens

Bantam, 2002

Created around the wonderful drawings of Minneapolis artist Kevin Lenagh, this book makes more vivid nearly a hundred of the alien and Earthling species that appear in David Brin's Uplift novels. Here in the form of a handbook for Terran field agents is a detailed look at Uplift's many alien races — from the friendly Tymbrimi to the warlike Tandu, from the wise and enigmatic Kanten to the fiercely reptilian Soro, from the bureaucratic Hoon to the manipulative Thennanin — their physiology, psychology, history; their clans and alliances; and their shifting attitudes toward Earth and its representatives.

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it's a dangerous universe... but somebody has to run it

Here, too, is a history of Earth's contact and challenging interactions with the mysterious and powerful Civilization of Five Galaxies, a look at its institutions, languages, and customs, plus a time line of momentous events going back 3 billion years.

For the millions of fans of the Uplift novels, this long-awaited guide will be an essential reference work, filled with vital information and never-before-seen illustrations that reveal, for the first time in one volume, the keys to the ambitious vision and bold speculation of the Uplift universe.

the Uplift series

The stirring saga that begins with Sundiver continues in Startide Rising, and climaxes in The Uplift War.

A second uplift series begins with Brightness Reef, continues with Infinity's Shore, and concludes with Heaven's Reach.

Is Existence: an uplift "prequel"? In many ways, yes. David Brin's bold newest novel explores the ultimate question: Billions of planets may be ripe for life, even intelligence. So where is Everybody?

uplifted short stories

These three stories are set in the uplift universe. Learn more about all of Brin's shorter fiction here.

  • In "Aficionado" (an excerpt from Existence), Hacker Sander is spoiled, temperamental and a champion rock-jock ... till a crash lands him in lethal peril. His sole hope? A tribe of strangely savvy sea creatures, with a secret need of their own. Read for free here.
  • In "Temptation" (included in the newest story collection, Insistence of Vision), a female dolphin on Jijo — on the run from two predatory males — stumbles into a deeply dangerous ancient secret. Read chapter 1 for free here.
  • In "Gorilla, My Dreams," chimpanzees and dolphins are helping humans choose the next species for uplift when powerful alien starships arrive to wipe out all life on Earth. (This story is sold on Apple's iBook, Amazon's Kindle (#AmazonCommissionsEarned), and Smashwords.)

  • illustrations from Contacting Aliens

    Xap trader approaching space elevator

    Xap trader approaching space elevator

    The odd thing about the proto-Xap homeworld was its lack of animal life. We suspect that the Xap ravaged all other mobile species to extinction. When pressed, the Xatinni admit that proto-Xap were heading into cannibalism when Uplift rescued them. Approach business dealings with them by preplanning favors and responses for the next several years.

    Rothen at a state function

    Rothen at a state function

    In the presence of potential converts, Rothen seem earnest and caring — like proud, endlessly patient parents of precocious children who still have a long way to go in order to achieve a grand destiny. But if a Rothen realizes that he is talking to a skeptic, or a Terragen official, he will exit the scene in great haste, vanishing with uncanny thoroughness and speed.

    Rothen colony world

    Rothen colony world

    Their sparse Library entry shows lineage predating almost every existing race in known space, but this information is almost universally discredited as a ruse, implanted during the last wave of data plagues. Rothen go on to profess that they subtly influence almost every sociopolitical arena, while keeping themselves aloof from the normal bustle of galactic life.

    Brothers surfacing in archology colony

    Brothers surfacing in archology colony

    Brothers (a term used for both males and females) were uplifted by the Nighthunters, who made up their own splinter sect of the Awaiter Alliance. The Nighthunters took this brutal species of cunning pre-sapients and fostered them into sophisticated and formidable beings with an unfortunate proclivity for forming fanatical cults. There are hints that the Nighthunters' intent was to create decent competition (or prey) for secret predatory rites. According to this rumor, the Nighthunters promised the Brothers ascension to full liberty on the day they managed to conquer their patrons.

    Apparently, the Brothers succeeded.

    Ot'ahh gaming

    Ot'ahh gaming

    Extrapolating from their great-grandclients, the Gubru, Ot'ahh would have been rigid xenophobes. But they appear in Galactic records as one of the Six Hero Races that vanished with the Tarseuh after routing the "lions." If you bump into one, it means the Six Hero Races are coming back and all hell is going to break loose. This would be almost as startling as the Progenitors showing up at your door to sell Amway products.

    Paimin in a marketplace

    Paimin in a marketplace

    Paimin seem well adapted to serve as delegates for the Thennanin. They portray a stoic poker-face, then suddenly appear puppy-dog friendly, often taking you off guard. Alliance or no alliance, watch yourself around Paimin. They are smarter than they look.

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