David Brin's OUT OF TIME series

Would you want to be Yanked out of time... if it meant you could help save the future?

Announcing the Out of Time series of YA books!

the OUT OF TIME series

Rosetta books, 2021

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the future needs heroes!

All our best efforts in the difficult 21st century bore fruit, and in the 24th century, people live in the very opposite of a dystopia. Only now their near-utopia is in desperate peril. Suddenly, they need heroes with grit and determination, who can teach them how to face trouble and prevail. So they reach back through time to fetch such heroes...

... but only teenagers can survive the journey from our present to the future! So the heroes they bring forward must be youths from eras teeming with troubled hope — teens from today and from deeper in the past — who are "yanked" to an uncertain tomorrow, where only their courage and savvy innovation can save the day.

David Brin's OUT OF TIME series of YA books features wholly original science fiction adventure novels, each one sending young adventurers hurtling out of today's vexing world into a future where they face real troubles, before returning home with fresh perspective.

Authors! Learn more about writing for the Out of Time series.

heroism is out of style, and humanity is out of time!

Announcing a new novel in the Out of Time series, transporting adventurous teens from many eras thru space & time! Our newest (Stoker-nominated) author Patrick Freivald pits a 1930s Korean hero, Joan of Arc's page, and a 2020s student against an interplanetary AI gone mad!

Storm's Eyecover image

Storm's Eye

by October K. Santerelli

Olivia Becker of Calimesa, California lost everything—her home and possessions—to a raging wildfire. Worse, Dad then took her to live with his fiancée and her kids. Enough! If no one will listen here, she’ll go somewhere else! Only somewhere else turns out to be 300 years in the future. There, Project Hourglass asks fourteen-year-old Olivia to lead a team of other time-yanked teens from across the centuries, all to save a stranded interstellar colony.

Planet Noros is beautiful, stormy, and dangerous! With help from Najwa, Leonidas, Everet, and the floating AI Giotto, Olivia must cross the stars, face the fury of a storm world, unite a team that spans thousands of years, rescue 300 marooned teens, and make it back before they all run OUT OF TIME.

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The Archimedes Gambit cover image

The Archimedes Gambit

by Patrick Freivald

Yanked ahead four centuries, Bronx high schooler Meagan Cohen finds herself teamed with three other teens from various eras — Karter, a cat-eyed gangboy from decades in her future, Dae-Jung from 1930s Korea and Parrette, a companion of Joan of Arc. Together with some 24th century youths, they were supposed to negotiate a treaty between humanity and the alien Tarn. Until something goes terribly wrong. Deadly sabotage reveals a danger more fearsome than any alien: the advanced artificial intelligence Archimedes has gone rogue, killing in its bid for freedom and dominance!

In a desperate race against time, the team of time-yanks must hurry across the solar system to confront Archimedes before its plan unravels time itself.

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The Out of Time series

the Out of Time novels reissued

Suppose your descendants — people of the future — reach back in time to ask for your help. 24th Century humanity has created a Utopia. No more War, disease, prejudice, or crime. But also no heroes! And suddenly they need gritty, brave heroes, fast.

So they reach out across time... for you. Because you're a teen, and only teens can survive the trip! Would you go?

The first three novels in the series — Yanked, Tiger in the Sky and The Game of Worlds — have been reissued by LMBPM Publishing. They are now available at a special 3-book rate from Amazon (or scroll down to purchase the individual books from any of the listed retailers).

Yanked cover image


by Nancy Kress

In Yanked, the first Out of Time novel, Nebula Award winning author Nancy Kress takes you on an adventure with a 10th Century Viking girl, a New Jersey high school basketball star and a young thief from Shakespeare's London, who are yanked into a future of both promise and peril and asked to achieve what adults of that time cannot... rescue a lost star-colony. But even if they succeed, will they ever make it back home?

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Tiger In the Sky cover image

Tiger In the Sky

by Sheila Finch

In Sheila Finch's Tiger In the Sky (awarded the San Diego Book Award in the Youth Fiction category), a pair of teens are yanked from 1999 to a space station on the edge of the solar system, where they join forces with a time-yanked cabin boy from Sir Francis Drake’s crew — and a reconstructed saber-tooth tiger — to battle a hive-minded alien menace. But how do you fight an enemy you can't bear to destroy?

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The Game of Worlds cover image

The Game of Worlds

by Roger MacBride Allen

In Roger MacBride Allen's The Game of Worlds (winner of the 2000 Hal Clement Award for best YA science fiction novel), Adam O'Connor is no stranger to trouble. But even Adam can't have predicted the brand of trouble that awaits him when he's yanked to 2345 to attend an historic meeting between humans and the warlike K'lugu and Devlins. Will he display the "grit" that only a select few in his generation possess, and become the hero that he is destined to be?

The Game of Worlds is currently unavailable to purchase

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