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David Brin's best-selling novels include The Postman (filmed in 1997) plus explorations of our near-future in Earth and Existence. His award-winning novels and short stories explore vividly speculative ideas through a hard-science lens. His nonfiction book, The Transparent Society, won the American Library Association's Freedom of Speech Award for exploring 21st Century concerns about security, secrecy, accountability and privacy.

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talking about ET

Brin is the go-to guy on the topic of Extraterrestrial life. Here's a podcast and interview he gave to Tom Fudge of KPBS radio.

getting our geeks on

The fun fellows at "GeeksOn" interviewed Brin about everything from the future to politics to SETI to all the myriad ways that science fiction has either gone astray or else propelled our thoughts into new frontiers.

Brin is dweebcasted

Dweebcast is one of these joyfully-geeky mini-shows that celebrate tech optimism. In this episode they ask Brin: "Hey, where are the hoverboards we were promised in Back to the Future?"

the pirate hour

David Brin spends an hour with the California Pirate Party, discussing inventors, inventiveness, intellectual property, transparency — and Existence. "Brin's philosophy is refreshing because it projects meaning and understanding from thousands of years of human evolution and activity. Our conversation with him was insightful, funny and uplifting."

getting wired

WIRED Magazine interviewed Brin for their popular "Geek's Guide to the Galaxy" podcast.

the hero's role

Kevin Tumlinson's interviews Brin for his 100th Wordslinger podcast episode, about writing and the role of the hero.

the point of inquiry

David Brin talks with Chris Moony on the Point of Inquiry podcast, discussing the value of scientific inquiry and rational minds in creating a better world (or even a better novel!).

can we rely on the kindness of crowds?

Here's a podcast interview of David Brin one on the subject of "Kickstarter and other open-source methods for dream-funding." Interesting sub-topics around the notion that creativity will open all sorts of new opportunities for all of us.

ain't mythbehavin'

Mythbehaving is a way-fun site filled with interesting podcast interviews and other goodies. David Brin gave them an hour recently — about science fiction, dystopias, augmented humans, science, movies, propaganda and so much more! Good for your daily commute.

our reality tv president

Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson interviews Brin and Boise State University professor Justin Vaughn about how our cameras-everywhere culture is affecting the candidates, presidential campaigns and us.

is there an ideal sci-fi protagonist?

Catch this episode of Roundtable Podcast, in which a number of top sci-fi authors were offered this particular challenge at a recent World Science Fiction Convention: "Describe your ideal protagonist." Providing short, pithy and fascinating answers were Elizabeth Bear, Alan Dean Foster, Howard Tayler, David Brin — along with many more.

building future societies with transparency and freedom

In this FutureThinkers podcast, Brin notes that sub-saharan tribeswomen today have better access to information via the Internet than world leaders did just a few decades ago. That’s huge — although it doesn’t make as entertaining news as terrorism or twerking, so few news agencies are talking about it.

can we snapchat and forget it?

On KCRW's "To The Point" Brin joined a panel of experts to discuss SnapChat and the Future of an Erasable Internet."

40 years from now

NPR interviews Brin about "The Nature of Existence."

third millennium problem solving

Can our civilization maintain its 200-year commitment to openness, transparency, accountability, and confident belief in progress, or will a growing "relinquishment movement" fight back against the onrush of change?

virtually speaking

This Virtually Speaking podcast interview discusses transparency, security, privacy, surveillance and sousveillance.

getting to the future

SF Signal Podcast chats with David Brin about science fiction's exploration of the future, by presenting gedankenexperiments, or thought experiments, as well as the notion of self-preventing prohecies.

getting to existence

David Brin talks with Planetary Radio about his monumental new novel, Existence.

getting science into science fiction

NPR's Talk of the Nation interviews David and William Gibson, author of Neuromancer, Mona Lisa Overdrive and Virtual Light.

science fiction is evolving

Another Talk of the Nation episode interviews David and James Gunn and Michael Capobianco, where they discuss the art and evolution of Science Fiction.

a singular interview

David Brin talks with Singularity about science fiction, the singularity, Star Wars and Existence.

our inevitable future

Science and technology are converging to change the global game. Join David and Paul Rosenbloom to talk about our cyber future. Will humanity survive and even thrive when the Singularity arrives?

crowdfunding dreams

David Brin is interviewed on Funding the Dream about the idea that crowds can make smart decisions for society.

getting into space

In David Livingston's syndicated radio SPACE SHOW, Brin talks starships, asteroid mining, and bringing boldness back to our civilization.

the world transformed

David Brin joins P. J. Manney and Thomas McCabe to discuss our thinking transformed. Our thinking is always subject to scrutiny and inspection, but perhaps never more urgently than now. If profound change truly is upon us, what assumptions must we avoid? What new ideas must we be ready to embrace? And what cherished "truths" must we be prepared to put away once and for all?

40 years from now

On NPR David Brin, a "San Diego Futurist," explores the nature of Existence.

listening to culture

Hearsay Culture interviews author David Brin on transparency, reciprocal accountability, cyber-utopianism and the preservation of excitement in an age of cynicism.

limits of understanding

This "Endless Universe" podcast, featuring David and Paul Steinhardt (Endless Universe), touches up against the outer limits of cosmology, and through that brings up questions of limits on the imagination, the role of theology, and the end (and endings) of the universe.

fanboys — gotta love 'em!

Is it better to "go where no one has gone before" or "fly around a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away"? In this Fanboy Planet, podcast, David answer these burning questions and more.

cheaters, transparency, and how ICOs avoid jail

In this episode of Milk, Brin tackles the crypto space and issues of state surveillance in an entirely different manner.

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a brief intro to science fiction author DAVID BRIN

To learn more, visit his books page, or see his "about me" page or detailed biography.



David Brin's science fiction novels have been New York Times Bestsellers, winning multiple Hugo, Nebula and other awards. At least a dozen have been translated into more than twenty languages. They range from bold and prophetic explorations of our near-future to Brin's Uplift series, envisioning galactic issues of sapience and destiny (and star-faring dolphins!). Learn More

shorter fiction

Short stories and novellas have different rhythms and artistic flavor, and Brin's short stories and novellas, several of which earned Hugo and other awards, exploit that difference to explore a wider range of real and vividly speculative ideas. Many have been selected for anthologies and reprints, and most have been published in anthology form. Learn More

Contrary Brin blog

Since 2004, David Brin has maintained a blog about science, technology, science fiction, books, and the future — themes his science fiction and nonfiction writings continue to explore. Learn More

social media influencer

Who could've predicted that social media — indeed, all of our online society — would play such an important role in the 21st Century — restoring the voices of advisors and influencers! Lively and intelligent comments spill over onto Brin's social media pages. Learn More

DAVID BRIN scientist


David Brin's Ph.D in Physics from the University of California at San Diego (the lab of nobelist Hannes Alfven) followed a masters in optics and an undergraduate degree in astrophysics from Caltech. Every science show that depicts a comet now portrays the model developed in Brin's PhD research. Learn More

transparency expert

Brin's non-fiction book, The Transparent Society: Will Technology Force Us to Choose Between Freedom and Privacy?, continues to receive acclaim for its accuracy in predicting 21st Century concerns about online security, secrecy, accountability and privacy. Learn More

speaker & consultant

Brin speaks plausibly and entertainingly about trends in technology and society to audiences willing to confront the challenges that our rambunctious civilization will face in the decades ahead. He also talks about the field of science fiction, especially in relation to his own novels and stories. To date he has presented at more than 300 meetings, conferences, corporate retreats and other gatherings. Learn More

future/tech advisor

Brin advises corporations and governmental and private defense- and security-related agencies about information-age issues, scientific trends, future social and political trends, and education. Urban Developer Magazine named him one of four World's Best Futurists, and he was appraised as "#1 influencer" in Onalytica's Top 100 report of Artificial Intelligence influencers, brands & publications. Past consultations include Google, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and many others. Learn More

Contacting BRIN

All the Ways in the World to Reach David Brin

an ornery, contrary BLOG, and other insightful wormholes!

Do not enter if you want a standard "Party" line! Contrary Brin's incendiary posts on science, sci-fi and politics and its engaged, opinionated community poke at too-rigid orthodoxies, proposing ideas and topics that fascinate — and infuriate. See for yourself, and if you like — subscribe for more.

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