DAVID BRIN's public speaking & consulting appearances

David Brin's best-selling novels include The Postman (filmed in 1997) plus explorations of our near-future in Earth and Existence. His award-winning novels and short stories explore vividly speculative ideas through a hard-science lens. His nonfiction book, The Transparent Society, won the American Library Association's Freedom of Speech Award for exploring 21st Century concerns about security, secrecy, accountability and privacy.

This page contains a list of more than 300 of David Brin's past speeches, appearances, conferences and meetings.

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  • public appearances

    DAVID BRIN's 2020 appearances

    2020 appearances

  • "How the Internet of Things could shape the world over the next 30 years," Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the World Economic Forum. (remote) (12/2020)
  • "SETI: the search for life out there: experts update," (remote) (12/2020)
  • "AI & Ethics," panel (remote) (12/2020)
  • "Life and technology and freedom by the year 2050," 2bAhead Future Congress, Berlin (via zoom) (12/2020)
  • "Space Colonization Update 2020," Space Development Conference (remote) (11/2020)
  • "NASA's Innovative and Advanced Concepts program," ASCEND Conference (remote) (11/2020)
  • "Data Privacy and Sousveillance," for DATA STORIES (remote) Data Science Alliance (11/2020)
  • “Pandemics & Law in Sci-Fi,” U. Michigan (10/2020)
  • “AI & Augmentation: hacking the future,” Prague HCPP hacker conf. (10/2020)
  • “Human Augmentation,” for Australia Defence and Strategic Studies Course (DSSC) (09/2020)
  • “Young Innovators Awards: Keynote” MIT (09/2020)
  • "Creating Our Replacements?" San Francisco Regional Mensa (09/2020)
  • “The Territory Ahead: Idiocracy and Oligarchy Meet AI,” SF Bay Area Mensa (09/2020)
  • Can Technology Ameliorate Artisanal Mining in the Developing World?” ConservationX Labs (09/2020)
  • AI, Augmentation and the Future,” Talks at Google: special presentation (08/2020)
  • "Theories of Everything," Into The Impossible with Brian Keating (08/2020)
  • "The Art & Science of Prediction," by Mark Anderson of the Strategic News Service (08/2020)
  • "Predicting the Future," DaVinci Institute (08/2020)
  • "The Creative Process of Authoring," Drinking With Authors (08/2020)
  • “What might become of us?” Humanity+ conference (07/2020)
  • Acuvate panel on the future of the Digital Workplace (06/2020)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2019 appearances

    2019 appearances

  • "Innovation in an Era of Trade Wars," FiRe (Future in Review) Conference, La Jolla CA (10/2019)
  • "Artificial Intelligence: Potential Dangers and Opportunities," ApacheCon, Las Vegas NV (09/2019)
  • "The Future of Urban Design," University of San Diego (USD) Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering (9/2019)
  • "Opportunities & Dangers Beyond the Solar System," Starship Conference, San Diego Aerospace Museum (9/2019)
  • "Are We Alone in the Universe?" Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN (09/2019)
  • Comicon International, San Diego (07/2019)
  • "Our Future in Space," NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center (06/2019)
  • NASA NIAC Orientation Meeting, Washington DC (06/2019)
  • "Resilience in Uncertain Times," Potomac Institute, Washington DC (06/2019)
  • "Blade Runner 2019: Did Life Imitate Art?" UC San Diego Library (05/2019)
  • Comic Fest, San Diego CA (03/2019)
  • "Einstein's Quantum Riddle," Arthur C. Clarke Center for the Human Imagination, San Diego CA (03/2019)
  • "Radical Economies," Speculative Design for Policy Making, Arthur C. Clarke Center for the Human Imagination, San Diego CA (02/2019)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2018 appearances

    2018 appearances

  • "Artificial Intelligence: Potential Dangers, Opportunities for Business," VMWare conference, Monterey, CA (11/2018)
  • "Artificial Intelligence: Potential Dangers, Opportunities for Defense," Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey CA (11/2018)
  • "Science Fiction as a brainstorming tool," 2018 Xprize SciFi Visioneering Summit Terranea Resort, Los Angeles (10/2018)
  • "Science Fiction: A Conversation Between Artists and Scientists," for China Central Television (10/2018)
  • "The impact onrushing technology has on people," NIST Information Technology Lab 'Science Day' (skyped) (10/2018)
  • "Modified people & AI: Synergies for Humanity in Space," Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop: The Power of Synergy (skyped)(10/2018)
  • "Ethics in a context of evolution, singularities and the galaxy," World Ethical Data Forum ("WDF") (skyped) (9/2018)
  • "Destabilizing effects of information tech," Political Instability Task Force / Technology and Governance Conference (skyped for Leidos) (7/2018)
  • "2001 a Space Odyssey, at 50," Comicon International, San Diego (7/2018)
  • "Fiction writing tricks of the trade," Gen Con Writer's Symposium (skyped) (7/2018)
  • "Humanity & the Universe: When Life Meets Life Everything will change," Carnegie Institution, Washington D.C. (by Skype) (6/2018)
  • "Our ongoing, impudent rebellion against normality," Graduation commencement speech, UC Santa Cruz (Crown College) (6/2018)
  • "Humanity and the Universe: When Life Meets Life..." Carnegie Origins program (by Skype) Washington DC (6/2018)
  • "The Solar Probe Mission: envisioning a deeper dive," Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Baltimore, MD (6/2018)
  • "Does science fiction still inform space policy?" NASA HQ, Washington DC (6/2018)
  • "Our minefield of dangers and threats," Aerospace Corp. and a 'DC Agency.' Washington DC (6/2018)
  • Master of Ceremonies, Pioneer Awards to Frank Drake etc., International Space Development Conference, Los Angeles, CA (5/2018)
  • "National and planetary security: the danger of conflict in space," Northrup-Grumman, Redondo, CA (5/2018)
  • "Opportunities, dangers and destiny in the Solar System... and beyond," Julian Schwinger Colloquium at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA (5/2018)
  • "Daily life will change along with technology," STW-2018 corporate conference, Shenzhen, China (5/2018)
  • "Science Fiction in the Asian Future," Southern Technical University, Shenzhen, China (5/2018)
  • "Frank Herbert’s mastery of point-of-view," Slusser conference on science fiction literature. UC Irvine, Irvine, CA(4/2018)
  • "Technological Threats," TRADOC Mad Scientist Program, Palo Alto (3/2018)
  • "Our Future in Space" and "Fiction Can Change Society," Roscon19: Russia National Science Fiction Convention, Moscow, Russia (3/2018)
  • "Can we predict?" Bookvoed: St. Petersburg, Russia (3/2018)
  • "Understanding the Aurorae," AmEx “Northern Lights” expedition, Kaukslattanen Arctic Resort, Finland (3/2018)
  • "Cyber security and 'pre-crime' predictive policing," Panel at South by Southwest, Austin TX (3/2018)
  • "Use Political Judo, Not Sumo," California Democratic Party Convention. San Diego, CA (2/2018)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2017 appearances

    2017 appearances

  • "The Future of the Cloud," VMWare Corporate Retreat, Palo Alto CA (11/2017)
  • "The Magic of Reciprocal Accountability,")" Skepticism & Openmindedness in Science Conf, UCSD (10/2017)
  • "What’s next — and beyond next — in tech business?" Future in Review Conference, Park City UT (10/2017)
  • "How can we become a multi-planet species?" The Mars Conference panel of SF authors, UC Irvine (9/2017)
  • NASA Innovative & Advanced Concepts program Symposium & External Council meeting, Denver CO (9/2017)
  • "Prediction for Fun & Profit," Caltech Alumni (8/2017)
  • "Interstellar Flight Prospects," Starship Conference, Monterrey CA (8/2017)
  • Science Foo Camp, Googleplex (8/2017)
  • "Hard choices in human genetic engineering," Genomics Conf. Minneapolis (7/2017)
  • "Alien Civilizations," ComiCon International, San Diego (7/2017)
  • "The Great Flip: Software revolutions replace Moore’s Law," Cloud Computing Conference, San Diego (6/2017)
  • "CyberSecurity in fast-changing times" (panel), Cerf’s-Up thought-leader meeting, San Diego (6/2017)
  • "Online learning: changes ahead," Bridgepoint Education, San Diego (6/2017)
  • "Wealth Management in a Transparent 21st Century" (Private Event) (6/2017)
  • "Anticipation and Resilience in a Hazard-Rich World," Rand Corp, Santa Monica (6/2017)
  • "Writing novels: tools for success," Santa Barbara Writers' Conference (6/2017)
  • "Navigating Shifting Sands," Institute for the Future, Palo Alto CA (6/2017)
  • "Delusions that stymie foresight," Foresight Institute, San Francisco (6/2017)
  • "How AI might go wrong... or right," The AI Conference, San Francisco (6/2017)
  • "Our human future in space," University of St. Andrews, Scotland (4/2017)
  • "The Surprising Variety of Potential Failure Modes — and Our Amazing Assets," Center for the Study of Existential Risks, Cambridge (4/2017)
  • "Science Fictional and Other Projections of Tomorrow," London Science Fiction Research Community & Birkbeck/University of London Centre for Contemporary Literature (4/2017)
  • "What can you do with a PhD?" Sanfored Consortium (3/2017)
  • "Our Future in Space," B612 Foundation Donors' Dinner, San Jose, CA (3/2017)
  • "All the threats that might take us down," Naval Postgraduate School, Monterrey, CA (3/2017)
  • "Debating transparency, security and freedom," Cal State U. Monterrey Bay, CA (3/2017)
  • "Inventing the breakthroughs we need," (Google) "X", Mountain View, CA (3/2017)
  • "Capturing the imagination in a technocratic world," lead-off speaker at Warner Bros. Studio (sponsored by Improbable Ltd.) (2/2017)
  • "The Future of News Media" Kickoff speaker (by remote), Institute for The Future, San Francisco (1/2017)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2016 appearances

    2016 appearances

  • "The Future of People" (re: Human augmentation) MIT Media Lab (by Skype) (12/2016)
  • TedX-LA XPrize & ANA Airlines: announce “Avatar” Prize (12/2016)
  • Raw Science Film Festival, judge (12/2016)
  • "Technology & Society," “Future Robotics” and "From SciFi to Screen," Oregon State University residency (10/2016)
  • "Virtual/Augmented Reality & Internet of Things," Viacom Corp, New York (10/2016)
  • "Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence," GE Global Research, Whitney Symposium, Niskayuna, NY (10/2016)
  • "Will Artificial Intelligence occur by design, evolution, accident... or at all?" World of Watson: IBM conf, Las Vegas (10/2016)
  • "Climate Fiction," (by Skype) panel for Society of Environmental Journalists, Sacramento (9/2016)
  • "Creativity & Business Success," Webinar for Tata Group (India) (9/2016)
  • "Time, Mathematics, and the Mind of God," a panel with fellow astrophysicists Brian Keating & Andrew Friedman at the Arthur Clarke Center (8/2016)
  • "Societal aspects of technology," "Prediction," & "Inspiring STEM," World Science Fiction Convention, Kansas City (8/2016)
  • "Followup on Big Picture Dangers," White House Leadership Development Series, WH-EEOB, Washington DC (8/2016)
  • NASA Innovative and Advanced Concepts symposium, Raleigh NC (8/2016)
  • “Human augmentation: Will we change ourselves?” ViaSat Corp. (6/2016)
  • “Big Picture Perspectives on Future Threats” White House OSTP, Washington DC (6/2016)
  • “Future of Military Aviation” panel at AIAA forum, Washington DC (6/2016)
  • “STEM Education: inspiring bright new generations” Caltech Alumni, Washington DC (6/2016)
  • “Shall we shout ‘messages’ into the cosmos?” Ideacity Conference, Toronto (6/2016)
  • "David Brin & Kim Stanley Robinson: Our 21st Century" Annual James Arnold Lecture, UCSD (5/2016)
  • "Boeing at 100: what will the next 100 bring?" Redondo Beach, CA (4/2016)
  • "The vast array of potential threats, dangers and resilience solutions" for varied intelligence services, Washington, DC (2/2016)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2015 appearances

    2015 appearances

  • Navigator Awards Dinner: recipients Rep. Mac Thornberry, David Brin & Alan Shaffer, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, Washington DC (10/2015)
  • The Future of Politics conference for Better Brains Institute & Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology (10/2015)
  • "21st Century Foreign Policy" Bard Center Seminar in New York City (10/2015)
  • "Privacy: Why Does It Matter?" Conference at the Hannah Arendt Center at Bard College (10/2015)
  • "Human Augmentation" Innovation Outreach Program, Microsoft sponsored, Amsterdam (10/2015)
  • "The future of Augmented & Virtual Reality," SEA-VR2015 Seattle (10/2015)
  • "The World Village" UCSD Virtual Reality conference Keynote (9/2015)
  • "The Future Seen Through the Eyes of Science Fiction" Salesforce.com Dreamforce Event, San Francisco (9/2015)
  • "Implications of the Internet of Things" Cloudflare Inc. corporate summit in San Francisco (9/2015)
  • "Machine Learning" corporate conference call, Intellum Corp (8/2015)
  • "The Physics of Free Will" with astronomers Brian Keating & Andrew Friedman, UCSD (8/2015)
  • "Augmented Reality's Hidden Problems and Promise" AWE Augmented World Expo, Santa Clara, CA (6/2015)
  • "The Digital Self: Empowered by Light," Brave New World Conference, Porto, Portugal (6/2015)
  • "San Diego's Bright Promise" San Diego Foundation, Joan Kroc Center USD (5/2015)
  • "The Future of Humanity" Skeptic Society at Caltech (5/2015)
  • "The murky road ahead: from an Internet of Things to human augmentation and AI... Looking beyond the five year ROI horizon" COFES: Congress On the Future of Engineering Software, Scottsdale AZ (4/2015)
  • Conference on World Affairs Boulder, CO (4/2015)
  • Workshop on Light Field Imaging, Stanford CA (2/2015)
  • "Is It Time To Start Transmitting to the Cosmos?" AAAS Annual Meeting, San Jose, CA (2/2015)
  • "Asteroids: protection from and mining of" B612 Foundation, San Jose CA (2/2015)
  • "Should Earth Civilization Broadcast its Presence?" American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) (2/2015)
  • "Does life exist in the universe beyond Earth?" American Assoc. Physics Teachers (1/2015)
  • Meeting and review: Board of Advisors, NASA Innovative & Advanced Concepts group, Cocoa Beach FL (1/2015)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2014 appearances

    2014 appearances

  • "What stimulates innovative companies?" with Roger Bingham & Erik Viirre, MIT Enterprise Forum (11/2014)
  • "Medical Breakthroughs on the Horizon" Health IT and Quality Exchange, San Diego (11/2014)
  • Teradyne Inc. Technical Conference 2014 Keynote (10/2014)
  • Cornell Tech, NYCity Campus, lecture on creativity for students (10/2014)
  • "Science Fiction as an Inspiration for NASA" New York Comicon (10/2014)
  • "Dangerous Impudence of Speculative Fiction" University of Kansas, Lawrence (10/2014)
  • "Neutralizing Nightmares: How we prevent dark tomorrows... by imagining them" Newman University, Witchita (10/2014)
  • "The future of organized crime" Institute for the Future, Palo Alto CA (10/2014)
  • "Strange Things" a radio call-in marathon on Coast-to-Coast (9/2014)
  • "Games that Teach" Cosmic Con (by Skype) (9/2014)
  • "Do we live in a multiverse?" with Brian Keating and Andrew Friedman, UCSD (7/2014)
  • "Will Technology Liberate Us or Enslave Us?" and "Delicious dystopias" FreedomFest, Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas (7/2014)
  • "Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature" Comicon San Diego (7/2014)
  • "Humanity as the positive sum of many parts" Human Computation Roadmap Conference, Washington DC (remote) (6/2014)
  • "Potential catastrophes — in context" Global Catastrophic Risks, Berkeley, CA (remote) (6/2014)
  • "Big Data: Where Will We Be in 40 Years?" Uptime Institute Symposium, Santa Clara (5/2014)
  • "Human Diversity Will Explode" Smithsonian Conference THE FUTURE IS HERE! Washington, DC (5/2014)
  • "The Future of War" Symposium Atlantic Council, Washington, DC (5/2014)
  • "Surveillance, sousveillance & freedom" The Internet Society, Washington, DC (5/2014)
  • "Pitfalls and beneficial businesses in the future" the MITRE Corp., Washington, DC (5/2014)
  • "Business & Cultural Impacts of Cyber Surveillance" 2nd Cyber Surveillance Conference at Santa Clara University (5/2014)
  • "Indignation: the most destructive addiction!" TEDx UCSD (5/2014)
  • "Humanity's future in space" Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UCSD, San Diego CA (3/2014)
  • "Which Dystopian Future Is Most Likely To Come To Pass?" Intl. Assoc of Privacy Professionals, Washington DC (3/2014)
  • "Methods for scenario building re global trends" The Atlantic Council, Washington DC (3/2014)
  • "Can fiction promote or challenge alternate futures?" Google HQ (2/2014)
  • "Tomorrow is coming fast!" Silicon Valley Future Society, SAP Labs (2/2014)
  • "Problems in online communications" Facebook HQ (2/2014)
  • NASA-NIAC Symposium, Palo Alto CA (2/2014)
  • "Space Technology Innovation: A new system for the Interplanetary Internet" Google HQ (1/2014)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2013 appearances

    2013 appearances

  • "What Do We Owe Tomorrow?" Personhood Beyond the Human Conference, Yale University, New Haven, CT (12/2013)
  • "What's Next?" re:THINK, TEDx San Diego, Calit2/UCSD (12/2013)
  • "How will future generations govern themselves?" Otherlands Books, Berlin, Germany (11/2013)
  • "Digital Agenda for Europe" ICT 2013, Vilnius, Lithuania (11/2013)
  • Eugene Shoemaker Memorial Lecture at Arizona State University (ASU) (10/2013)
  • Mensa Foundation's Colloquium 2013 — Frontiers of Science Fiction and Science, Ft. Worth, Tx (7/2013)
  • Public talk at the Ft. Worth Science Center/Museum (7/2013)
  • "Science Fiction/Fantasy counterfactual?" American Library Association, Chicago (6/2013)
  • ISTAS13, the IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (by Skype) on transparency and sousveillance (6/2013)
  • "Digitizing the Planet" FiRe Future in Review Conference (5/2013)
  • "Transhumanism and Space Exploration", ISDC National Space Society Conference, La Jolla (5/2013)
  • Grand Opening, Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination, UCSD (5/2013)
  • San Diego Writers/Editors Guild (4/2013)
  • ST Global Consortium, AAAS Headquarters, Washington DC. (4/2013)
  • Eaton Literary SF Conference, Riverside (4/2013)
  • Remembering Ray Bradbury, Cygnet Theater, San Diego (4/2013)
  • Tucson Festival of Books, U. of Az (3/2013)
  • NASA NIAC Spring Symposium, Chicago (3/2013)
  • Southern California Writer's Conference (1/2013)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2012 appearances

    2012 appearances

  • Dedication of Ray Bradbury Square, LA (12/2012)
  • Not-the-end-of-the-world cruise, Caribbean/Yucatan (12/2012)
  • Keynote, Qualcomm Open Source Summit (11/2012)
  • Keynote, Engineers for a Sustainable World (10/2012)
  • "Merging Science & Art" keynote dedication of UCSD's new Structural Engineering Building (9/2012)
  • "Images of the Future" Keynote dedication of exhibition at CSU Northridge (9/2012)
  • "The Future of Artificial Intelligence" KPCC Crawford Forum, Pasadena (8/2012)
  • "The Future of Artificial Intelligence" KPCC Crawford Forum, Pasadena (8/2012)
  • "Curiosity, Mars and Beyond" Planet-Fest, Pasadena (7/2012)
  • "Broad/Deep/Far: Humanity's Prospects to Evolve?" Singularity University (remote) (7/2012)
  • "Transforming Human-Computer Interfaces" Microsoft, Seattle (7/2012)
  • "Harnessing Competition to Solving the Riddle of Survival and Progress" UCSD Entrepreneur Challenge keynote (6/2012)
  • "How Drones Will Affect & Change Us" for Drones at Home conference, UCSD (5/2012)
  • "Nutrient Info-tech, Can Citizens Use it to Live Better?" Future in Review conference, Laguna (5/2012)
  • US Air Force Space & Cyberspace Visionary Workshop, Colorado Springs (4/2012)
  • "The Future of Governance" Berggruen Institute, Palo Alto (3/2012)
  • NASA NIAC new technologies conference, Pasadena (3/2012)
  • "Sipping from a fire hose: the future of human information processing and security" Keynote: Network/Distributed System Security Symposium, San Diego (2/2012)
  • "The Politics of Space" CDPIC conference, San Diego (2/2012)
  • "Copyright 2020 & the Future of Online IP" the Internet Society/Georgetown U. (2/2012)
  • DEBATE: Is Privacy Obsolete in the Digital World? Assoc. of American Publishers, Washington, DC (2/2012)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2011 appearances

    2011 appearances

  • "The World of 2061: Re-inventing Civilization" TedX Brussells (11/2011)
  • "The Art of Reinventing Ourselves" TedX Intuit, San Diego (11/2011)
  • "Making Gods: Will That Bother Anyone?" Singularity Summit New York (10/2011)
  • "Future of Medicine" Society Of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons, Los Angeles (9/2011)
  • Paypal Executive conference, keynote speech (6/2011)
  • Qualcomm's Innovation Network (QUIN) "Venture Fest" consultation (6/2011)
  • "Problem Solving in the New Millennium" Maker Faire, San Mateo (5/2011)
  • Meeting/consultation NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program (5/2011)
  • "Our Destiny in Space and Life in the Cosmos" CSU San Marcos (4/2011)
  • "Engineering Education" Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads, Phoenix (3/2011)
  • "Making Everything in Your Home" IFTF workshop on open fabrication, San Jose (3/2011)
  • National Conference of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads keynote, Phoenix AZ (03/2011)
  • Workshop on the future of open fabrication, Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, CA (03/2011)
  • "The Long Form: Novels & Movies" Anime-Caonji, San Diego (03/2011)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2010 appearances

    2010 appearances

  • "The Future of Urban Life" San Diego Rotary Club (11/2010)
  • "Interstellar Communications: Technology and Policy" Royal Society conference, Kavli Center (UK) (10/2010)
  • "Originality in the Film District 9" ART-PWR San Diego (9/2010)
  • "Does the Galaxy Need Humanity?" TEDx Del Mar (6/2010)
  • Parallel Computing Workshop, keynote, UCSD (5/2010)
  • "Out of the Eye of the Storm" keynote for Casey Research Investment Conference (5/2010)
  • "CTO Challenge on Alternate Energy" & "The Physics of Tomorrow," Future in Review (FiRe) Conference, Palos Verdes, CA (5/2010)
  • Situational Awareness Workshop, keynote, UCSD (5/2010)
  • Larry King Show (with Michio Kaku & Dan Aykroyd) re "Are aliens a threat?" (4/2010)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2009 appearances

    2009 appearances

  • "Hollywood & Pop Culture: Myths that help us and cliches that don't" IEET Conference Irvine, CA (12/2009)
  • "Government web sites: service, accountability and security." NIC 2009 keynote, Denver (11/2009)
  • "Idea-Driven Innovation" Da Vinci Colorado Inventors' Showcase (11/2009)
  • "Perspectives on Education & the Future" Kaplan University (keynote) 10/2009
  • "Accountability, Attribution and Anonymity: Nat/Sec Implications" keynote speaker (unnamed Agency) Arlington VA (9/2009)
  • "Ethics and Science," University of San Diego (USD) (7/2009)
  • "Why Johnny Can't Code — missing skills we'll need tomorrow" USENIX Conf. (6/2009)
  • "Ethics and the Engineering Profession" Commencement, Jacobs School, UCSD (6/2009)
  • Wine n' Writers Author event, San Diego (5/2009)
  • "Solving the Water Crisis" an ArchiTechs Challenge, Future in Review (FiRe) Conf. Coronado (5/2009)
  • "Mixed Reality in Tomorrow's Cities" Associated Cities-Geodomain Expo, San Diego (04/2009)
  • "Visualizing new types of threats" (for an unnamed agency) Washington DC (04/2009)
  • "How the US might regain its faith in the future" Info Tech And Innovation Foundation, Washington DC (04/2009)
  • "Virtual Reality and other New Addictions" National Insitute on Drug Abuse, Washington DC (04/2009)
  • Jacobs School of Engineering Graduate Dinner (03/2009)
  • Speculative threats appraisal (presented by remote) CIA (01/2009)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2008 appearances

    2008 appearances

  • "Innovating in Uncertain Times" San Diego Inventors' Forum (11/2008)
  • MIT Media Lab Annual Sponsors' Summit keynote (10/2008)
  • "Digital Discourse" IBM Cambridge (10/2008)
  • "21st Century Collaboration & Problem Solving" IBM company-wide speech (7/2008)
  • "Speculative Fiction: Keeping it Realistic and Relevant" Clarion Writers' Conference (7/2008)
  • "The Transparent Society: Ten Years After" Computers, Freedom & Privacy (CFP), Yale (by remote hookup) (5/2008)
  • Eaton Conference on Science Fiction as Literature, UC Riverside (5/2008)
  • Future in Review (FiRe) Conference on Technology & Business, Hotel del Coronado (5/2008)
  • Research Affiliates Advisory Panel on Economic & Investment Modeling, Laguna Beach (5/2008)
  • "Yuri's Night and the Future of the Future" Extropia (Second Life) event (4/2008)
  • "Literary Orange" morning keynote, Garden Grove Hyatt Regency (4/2008)
  • "MySpace or Your Space? Teens, privacy and freedom of expression." RHFleet Center, San Diego (2/2008)
  • International Symposium on AI, Robotics and Automation in Space, JPL/Los Angeles (2/2008)
  • Wealth Owners' Conclave Concerning Transparency and Privacy. Vaduz, Liechtenstein (1/2008)
  • Department of Homeland Security: Stake-holders' Conference, Los Angeles (1/2008)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2007 appearances

    2007 appearances

  • "Beyond Belief: Enlightenment 2.0" Salk Institute (11/2007)
  • Dinner at the Library: fundraising Gala speaker, Geisel University Library, UCSD (9/2007)
  • International Science Fiction Summit, Beijing China (8/2007)
  • International Conference on Science Fiction, Chengdu China (8/2007)
  • Guest of Honor at World Science Fiction Convention, Yokohama Japan (8/2007)
  • Clarion Science Fiction Writers' Workshop (7/2007)
  • USD & Fleet Center speech (7/2007)
  • Qualcomm Corporate Speaker Series and consulting (7/2007)
  • Institute for the Future "Technology Horizons" keynote, La Jolla (6/2007)
  • Future in Review (FiRe) Conference speaker ( 4th year) and "ArchiTech" facilitator (5/2007)
  • "Managing Change" San Diego Rotary Club (3/2007)
  • Uplift Academy "Good Ancestor" workshop on future philanthropy (2/2007)
  • Collective Intelligence Networks Summit Los Angeles (2/2007)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2006 appearances

    2006 appearances

  • Anonymizer.com Corporate Strategy Meeting keynote, Ranch Santa Fe (10/2006)
  • Caltech Alumni Forum La Jolla (10/2006)
  • Google corporate-wide "Tech-Talk" Mountain View, CA (10/2006)
  • "Architecture and the Future" Zimmer Gunsul Frasca (ZGF) corporate meeting (10/2006)
  • "Alternate Futures" workshop, US Air Force Research Labs, Los Angeles (8/2006)
  • Strong Angel, Homeland Defense Exercise, San Diego (8/2006)
  • "Predictability in a Nonlinear Future" International Conference on Complex Systems, Boston (6/2006)
  • "Thwarting an Evil Genius" Defense Threat Reduction Agency workshop, Washington DC (6/2006)
  • American Association for Clinical Chemistry, San Diego Conference (3/2006)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2005 appearances

    2005 appearances

  • International Association of Privacy Professionals, Las Vegas (10/2005)
  • "Our Sustainable Future" Enviro Fair, Del Mar, CA (9/2005)
  • NASA Conference on Exobiology, NASA Ames Research Center (8/2005)
  • "Preventing Terrorism at Soft Targets" Sandia National Laboratory, (7/2005)
  • Honoring Ray Bradbury, Santa Barbara Writers' Conference (6/2005)
  • "Real Science Fiction in Movies" Hollywood Writers' Salon, Marina Del Rey (6/2005)
  • "Human Rights, Technology & the Humanities" UC Irvine Conference (5/2005)
  • "Enterprise Pitfalls & Opportunities in the Information Age" MIT Enterprise Forum Panel, La Jolla, CA (4/2005)
  • Service Industry Association, dinner speaker at Hotel Coronado (3/2005)
  • Company brainstorm speaker, CDM Camp Dresser & McKee Inc. (3/2005)
  • "Using Art for Science Education" American Astronomical Society Panel (1/2005)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2004 appearances

    2004 appearances

  • "Technology Empowering Education" Project Inkwell (11/2004)
  • "Horizons of Perception in an Era of Change" Accelerating Change 2004, Stanford (11/2004)
  • Danish IT Security Council, Danish Open Source Vendors Association, and Internet Society, Copenhagen (11/2004)
  • 40th anniversary of Free Speech Movement keynote address, UC Berkeley (10/2004)
  • Imation Inc. Patent Recognition Banquet keynote speech, Minneapolis (10/2004)
  • Swissnex debate on human augmentation, San Francisco (10/2004)
  • "On the future of environmentalism" Global Solutions Institute, Seattle (10/2004)
  • Pacific Northwest Digital Government Summit (6/2004)
  • Strategic News Service FiRe (Future in Review) Conference, Coronado (5/2004)
  • Conference on Anonymity, Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington D.C. (5/2004)
  • Odin Award recipient/speaker, San Diego Writers and Editors Guild (4/2004)
  • CONTACT Conference on Cultures of the Imagination (3/2004)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2003 appearances

    2003 appearances

  • "Keeping Reading Relevant" California Librarians Association keynote, Ontario CA (11/2003)
  • "21st Century Fables: Can We Learn to See Well?" The Skeptic Society, Caltech, Pasadena CA (11/2003)
  • "21st Century politics" DLC and Progressive Policy Institute speech & consultation, Macinac MI (9/2003)
  • National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) Conference, Scottsdale AZ (9/2003)
  • Dinner speaker, IPv6 Conference (6/2003)
  • Graduation speech, Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD (6/2003)
  • Book Expo, Los Angeles (5/2003)
  • FIRe Future in Review Conference, Hotel del Coronado (5/2003)
  • "Adding action to thought and vice versa" Arizona Book Festival (4/2003)
  • "Philanthropy in the future" UCSD Foundation Trustees (3/2003)
  • "The future of augmented reality" MIT Media Lab (2/2003)
  • "Legal ramifications of transparency" Harvard University Law School seminar (2/2003)
  • LANSCE Workshop, Los Alamos National Labs (1/2003)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2002 appearances

    2002 appearances

  • Border Research & Technology Center, San Diego (12/2002)
  • Association of Biotechnology Finance Officers, San Francisco (6/2002)
  • Utopiales: International Conference on the Future, Nantes France (10/2002)
  • Minneapolis ACM Computer Human Interface Conference keynote speech (4/2002)
  • BIOCOM San Diego Biotech Industry Breakfast Meeting (3/2002)
  • "Biosensors/Bioterror" SAIC Conference, Del Mar CA (2/2002)
  • "Intelligence: Artificial & Otherwise" Microsoft Speakers' Program (2/2002)
  • "Sensors/Sensing" UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering Annual Review keynote address (2/2002)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2001 appearances

    2001 appearances

  • "The Digital Divide: Japanese & American Perspectives" Washington DC (12/2001)
  • National Academies of Science, President's Circle keynote speech (11/2001)
  • "Accountability Systems" University of Michigan (11/2001)
  • Privacy/Security Symposium, Zurich, Switzerland (11/2001)
  • "Danger and Individualism" University of Chicago (11/2001)
  • Global Privacy Summit, Plaza Hotel, New York (11/2001)
  • WebDevShare Conference, Indiana University (10/2001)
  • National Reconnaissance Office (8/2001)
  • Defense Information Systems Agency (8/2001)
  • American Library Association Freedom of Speech keynote address (6/2001)
  • Apache Conference on Open Source Software Movement (4/2001)
  • Qualcomm motivational-innovation speech (4/2001)
  • William Saroyan Literary Conference keynote speech (3/2001)
  • "Future of Philanthropy" Forum of Associations of Grantmakers (2/2001)

  • DAVID BRIN's 20th century appearances

    20th century appearances

  • Democratic National Convention Privacy Teach-in (2000)
  • Library of Congress Speaker Series (2000)
  • SAP TechEd 2000 keynote speech, Las Vegas (2000)
  • "Out of the Box" Pentagon-Potomac Institute Brainstorm keynote address (2000)
  • Procter & Gamble Innovation 2000 trade show keynote speech (2000)
  • World Bank International Conf. on Credit Reporting (2000)
  • Internet Everywhere Summit, San Francisco (2000)
  • Bar Assoc. Conference on Alternative Dispute Resolution (2000)
  • "1984: Orwell & Our Future" U.Chicago Law School (1999)
  • Association of Information Technology Professionals (1999)
  • Institute for the Future: Outlook Project Exchange (1999)
  • California First Amendment Coalition keynote address (1999)
  • Decision Makers 2000, Frankfurt Germany (1999)
  • Economic Crime Summit keynote speech, Orlando (1999)
  • Privacy Briefing for Congressional Staff (1999)
  • Planetary Society, Planet-Fest (1999)
  • Economic Crime Conference keynote address (1999)
  • Card-Tech ID Technology Gathering (1998)
  • Communication Tech & Society Conference, Cato Institute (1998)
  • Space Frontier Conference keynote speech (1998)
  • Government Communications/Info Officers' Summit (1998)
  • TTI/Vanguard '98 Conference: Security & Information (1998)
  • L.A. Junior Chamber of Commerce (1998)
  • LaBatt Corporation Executive Retreat (1998)
  • Defense Department Highlands Group (1998)
  • TED-MED (1998)
  • Microsoft Lecture Series (1998)
  • California School Library Association keynote speech (1998)
  • Future of Medicine Conference (1998)
  • Supercomputing Conference (1997)
  • The Planetary Society (1997)
  • California Institute of Technology (1997)
  • Sandia National Laboratories (1997)
  • Rutgers University School of Information Science (1997)
  • University of Michigan School of Information Science (1997)
  • MENSA Regional Gathering (1997)
  • United Nations Association keynote address (1997)
  • Oregon Psychological Society keynote speech (1997)
  • Southern California Academy of Science (1997)
  • American Library Association(1997)
  • Library & Information Technology Association (1997)
  • International Association of Film Commissioners (1997)
  • Society of Science Educators (1997)

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    DAVID BRIN speaking on the Physics of Free Will


    David Brin's standard speaking fee has risen for commercial meetings requiring extensive travel: the greater the distance, the more likely it is that he must travel Business Class. The fee is less for events near San Diego or for non-profit groups clearly benefiting the public or kids.

  • Email to inquire about availability and honoraria.
  • Maven: Book David for consulting.
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  • a compilation of book reviews
  • Three Models of Dust Layers on Cometary Nuclei
  • Disputation Arenas: Harnessing Conflict and Competitiveness for Society's Benefit
  • Neoteny and Two-Way Sexual Selection in Human Evolution
  • DAVID BRIN at Physics of Free Will appearance

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    DAVID BRIN author


    David Brin's science fiction novels have been New York Times Bestsellers, winning multiple Hugo, Nebula and other awards. At least a dozen have been translated into more than twenty languages. They range from bold and prophetic explorations of our near-future to Brin's Uplift series, envisioning galactic issues of sapience and destiny (and star-faring dolphins!). Learn More

    shorter fiction

    Short stories and novellas have different rhythms and artistic flavor, and Brin's short stories and novellas, several of which earned Hugo and other awards, exploit that difference to explore a wider range of real and vividly speculative ideas. Many have been selected for anthologies and reprints, and most have been published in anthology form. Learn More

    Contrary Brin blog

    Since 2004, David Brin has maintained a blog about science, technology, science fiction, books, and the future — themes his science fiction and nonfiction writings continue to explore. Learn More

    social media influencer

    Who could've predicted that social media — indeed, all of our online society — would play such an important role in the 21st Century — restoring the voices of advisors and influencers! Lively and intelligent comments spill over onto Brin's social media pages. Learn More

    DAVID BRIN scientist


    David Brin's Ph.D in Physics from the University of California at San Diego (the lab of nobelist Hannes Alfven) followed a masters in optics and an undergraduate degree in astrophysics from Caltech. Every science show that depicts a comet now portrays the model developed in Brin's PhD research. Learn More

    transparency expert

    Brin's non-fiction book, The Transparent Society: Will Technology Force Us to Choose Between Freedom and Privacy?, continues to receive acclaim for its accuracy in predicting 21st Century concerns about online security, secrecy, accountability and privacy. Learn More

    speaker & consultant

    Brin speaks plausibly and entertainingly about trends in technology and society to audiences willing to confront the challenges that our rambunctious civilization will face in the decades ahead. He also talks about the field of science fiction, especially in relation to his own novels and stories. To date he has presented at more than 300 meetings, conferences, corporate retreats and other gatherings. Learn More

    future/tech advisor

    Brin advises corporations and governmental and private defense- and security-related agencies about information-age issues, scientific trends, future social and political trends, and education. Urban Developer Magazine named him one of four World's Best Futurists, and he was appraised as "#1 influencer" in Onalytica's Top 100 report of Artificial Intelligence influencers, brands & publications. Past consultations include Google, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and many others. Learn More

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    Apache Software Foundation

    "I'd like to thank you again for a most excellent keynote. I thought that your concept of the 'Maturity Principle (which I first read in your book) was an excellent analogy of open source technology and the members seemed genuinely inspired!"


    "I would consider Existence to be a triumphant, epic Science Fiction novel on many levels. It stayed with me after I set it aside for the day, continues to simmer in my mind now that I've finished reading it, and has opened up a gateway to Brin's novels I'd wanted to enter for a while. Brin achieved an excellent gestalt of character, big ideas, and narrative energy."

    Publisher's Weekly (for Kiln People)

    "Brin deftly explores the issues of identity, privacy and work in a world where everyone is supported with a living wage and has ready access to duplication technology. The book features the author's usual style, with a lighter touch and punnish humor abounding amid the hard SF speculation. The duplication of the 'ditective' makes for a challenging twist on the standard private eye narrative, allowing Morris to simultaneously lead the reader through three separate (and interacting) plot lines."

    Howard Rheingold, author of The Virtual Community

    "David Brin is one of the few people thinking and writing about the social problems we are going to face in the near future as the result of new electronic media. The Transparent Society raises the questions we need to ask now, before the universal surveillance infrastructure is in place. Be prepared to have your assumptions challenged."

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