the world wide web of DAVID BRIN

the world wide web of DAVID BRIN

Who could've predicted that social media would play such an important role in the 21st Century! (Well, I did, but that's another story. And another. And still another!)



They seem to be familiar with my novel "The Practice Effect" at Facebook because this social media site works better with practice. I engage in lively conversations on these fan pages.


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Subscribe to videos by and about David Brin.


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While BlogSpot has the larger "science" blogging community, WordPress has the larger number of "writer" bloggers, so the Contrary Brin blog -- which discusses science and science fiction/writing -- is also posted here. If you blog on WordPress, Contrary Brin welcomes your feedback.


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Open Salon is a blog for writers, artists, and photographers in need of a virtual home for their work.



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There's a David Brin Pinterest page with a compilation of ideas on science, technology, radical transparency, American politics -- and what kind of future awaits us and our children. Join, browse, and re-pin David's articles, books, and more.


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I am a Fellow and occasional columnist at the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies (IEET), "a center for voices arguing for a responsible, constructive, ethical approach to the most powerful emerging technologies."


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Unlike most social networks, is organized around subjects instead of people. The subjects David chimes in about? Futurism. Technology. Science Fiction. Space.



Follow David Brin on Twitter, where he tweets about blog posts, book signings, readings and other activities, and science and technology trends he finds enlightening.

Want a more "organized" Twitter feed? Take a look at David's Twylah page, which organizes his tweets around trending topics -- space, transparency, science fiction, surveillance, the future.


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Science 2.0 is just what its name suggests, an online network inhabited by "world-class scientists, graduate students, undergrads and educated people outside science." I contribute to this endeavor and write a column called 'BrinStorming.'

It is a framework to modernize the science endeavor, including tools, publishing and collaboration opportunities, as reflected in their "Four Pillars": [collaboration, communication, participation and publication].


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Google+ focuses on creating Circles -- friends, acquaintances, colleagues -- who then congregate into Hangouts, Sparks, and Streams. Join my circle (and let me in yours!).


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David Brin's articles appear on Kurzweil AI, which explores the forecasts and insights on accelerating change articulated in Ray Kurzweil's landmark books -- notably The Age of Spiritual Machines and The Singularity Is Near.

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