DAVID BRIN's public speaking & consulting appearances

David Brin's best-selling novels include The Postman (filmed in 1997) plus explorations of our near-future in Earth and Existence. His award-winning novels and short stories explore vividly speculative ideas through a hard-science lens. His nonfiction book, The Transparent Society, won the American Library Association's Freedom of Speech Award for exploring 21st Century concerns about security, secrecy, accountability and privacy.

This page contains a list of more than 300 of David Brin's past speeches, appearances, conferences and meetings.

public appearances

DAVID BRIN's 2019 appearances

2019 appearances

  • "Innovation in an Era of Trade Wars," FiRe (Future in Review) Conference, La Jolla CA (10/2019)
  • "Artificial Intelligence: Potential Dangers and Opportunities," ApacheCon, Las Vegas NV (09/2019)
  • "The Future of Urban Design," University of San Diego (USD) Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering (9/2019)
  • "Opportunities & Dangers Beyond the Solar System," Starship Conference, San Diego Aerospace Museum (9/2019)
  • "Are We Alone in the Universe?" Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN (09/2019)
  • Comicon International, San Diego (07/2019)
  • "Our Future in Space," NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center (06/2019)
  • NASA NIAC Orientation Meeting, Washington DC (06/2019)
  • "Resilience in Uncertain Times," Potomac Institute, Washington DC (06/2019)
  • "Blade Runner 2019: Did Life Imitate Art?" UC San Diego Library (05/2019)
  • Comic Fest, San Diego CA (03/2019)
  • "Einstein's Quantum Riddle," Arthur C. Clarke Center for the Human Imagination, San Diego CA (03/2019)
  • "Radical Economies," Speculative Design for Policy Making, Arthur C. Clarke Center for the Human Imagination, San Diego CA (02/2019)
  • DAVID BRIN's 2018 appearances

    2018 appearances

  • "Artificial Intelligence: Potential Dangers, Opportunities for Business," VMWare conference, Monterey, CA (11/2018)
  • "Artificial Intelligence: Potential Dangers, Opportunities for Defense," Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey CA (11/2018)
  • "Science Fiction as a brainstorming tool," 2018 Xprize SciFi Visioneering Summit Terranea Resort, Los Angeles (10/2018)
  • "Science Fiction: A Conversation Between Artists and Scientists," for China Central Television (10/2018)
  • "The impact onrushing technology has on people," NIST Information Technology Lab 'Science Day' (skyped) (10/2018)
  • "Modified people & AI: Synergies for Humanity in Space," Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop: The Power of Synergy (skyped)(10/2018)
  • "Ethics in a context of evolution, singularities and the galaxy," World Ethical Data Forum ("WDF") (skyped) (9/2018)
  • "Destabilizing effects of information tech," Political Instability Task Force / Technology and Governance Conference (skyped for Leidos) (7/2018)
  • "2001 a Space Odyssey, at 50," Comicon International, San Diego (7/2018)
  • "Fiction writing tricks of the trade," Gen Con Writer's Symposium (skyped) (7/2018)
  • "Humanity & the Universe: When Life Meets Life Everything will change," Carnegie Institution, Washington D.C. (by Skype) (6/2018)
  • "Our ongoing, impudent rebellion against normality," Graduation commencement speech, UC Santa Cruz (Crown College) (6/2018)
  • "Humanity and the Universe: When Life Meets Life..." Carnegie Origins program (by Skype) Washington DC (6/2018)
  • "The Solar Probe Mission: envisioning a deeper dive," Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Baltimore, MD (6/2018)
  • "Does science fiction still inform space policy?" NASA HQ, Washington DC (6/2018)
  • "Our minefield of dangers and threats," Aerospace Corp. and a 'DC Agency.' Washington DC (6/2018)
  • Master of Ceremonies, Pioneer Awards to Frank Drake etc., International Space Development Conference, Los Angeles, CA (5/2018)
  • "National and planetary security: the danger of conflict in space," Northrup-Grumman, Redondo, CA (5/2018)
  • "Opportunities, dangers and destiny in the Solar System... and beyond," Julian Schwinger Colloquium at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA (5/2018)
  • "Daily life will change along with technology," STW-2018 corporate conference, Shenzhen, China (5/2018)
  • "Science Fiction in the Asian Future," Southern Technical University, Shenzhen, China (5/2018)
  • "Frank Herbert’s mastery of point-of-view," Slusser conference on science fiction literature. UC Irvine, Irvine, CA(4/2018)
  • "Technological Threats," TRADOC Mad Scientist Program, Palo Alto (3/2018)
  • "Our Future in Space" and "Fiction Can Change Society," Roscon19: Russia National Science Fiction Convention, Moscow, Russia (3/2018)
  • "Can we predict?" Bookvoed: St. Petersburg, Russia (3/2018)
  • "Understanding the Aurorae," AmEx “Northern Lights” expedition, Kaukslattanen Arctic Resort, Finland (3/2018)
  • "Cyber security and 'pre-crime' predictive policing," Panel at South by Southwest, Austin TX (3/2018)
  • "Use Political Judo, Not Sumo," California Democratic Party Convention. San Diego, CA (2/2018)
  • DAVID BRIN's 2017 appearances

    2017 appearances

  • "The Future of the Cloud," VMWare Corporate Retreat, Palo Alto CA (11/2017)
  • "The Magic of Reciprocal Accountability,")" Skepticism & Openmindedness in Science Conf, UCSD (10/2017)
  • "What’s next — and beyond next — in tech business?" Future in Review Conference, Park City UT (10/2017)
  • "How can we become a multi-planet species?" The Mars Conference panel of SF authors, UC Irvine (9/2017)
  • NASA Innovative & Advanced Concepts program Symposium & External Council meeting, Denver CO (9/2017)
  • "Prediction for Fun & Profit," Caltech Alumni (8/2017)
  • "Interstellar Flight Prospects," Starship Conference, Monterrey CA (8/2017)
  • Science Foo Camp, Googleplex (8/2017)
  • "Hard choices in human genetic engineering," Genomics Conf. Minneapolis (7/2017)
  • "Alien Civilizations," ComiCon International, San Diego (7/2017)
  • "The Great Flip: Software revolutions replace Moore’s Law," Cloud Computing Conference, San Diego (6/2017)
  • "CyberSecurity in fast-changing times" (panel), Cerf’s-Up thought-leader meeting, San Diego (6/2017)
  • "Online learning: changes ahead," Bridgepoint Education, San Diego (6/2017)
  • "Wealth Management in a Transparent 21st Century" (Private Event) (6/2017)
  • "Anticipation and Resilience in a Hazard-Rich World," Rand Corp, Santa Monica (6/2017)
  • "Writing novels: tools for success," Santa Barbara Writers' Conference (6/2017)
  • "Navigating Shifting Sands," Institute for the Future, Palo Alto CA (6/2017)
  • "Delusions that stymie foresight," Foresight Institute, San Francisco (6/2017)
  • "How AI might go wrong... or right," The AI Conference, San Francisco (6/2017)
  • "Our human future in space," University of St. Andrews, Scotland (4/2017)
  • "The Surprising Variety of Potential Failure Modes — and Our Amazing Assets," Center for the Study of Existential Risks, Cambridge (4/2017)
  • "Science Fictional and Other Projections of Tomorrow," London Science Fiction Research Community & Birkbeck/University of London Centre for Contemporary Literature (4/2017)
  • "What can you do with a PhD?" Sanfored Consortium (3/2017)
  • "Our Future in Space," B612 Foundation Donors' Dinner, San Jose, CA (3/2017)
  • "All the threats that might take us down," Naval Postgraduate School, Monterrey, CA (3/2017)
  • "Debating transparency, security and freedom," Cal State U. Monterrey Bay, CA (3/2017)
  • "Inventing the breakthroughs we need," (Google) "X", Mountain View, CA (3/2017)
  • "Capturing the imagination in a technocratic world," lead-off speaker at Warner Bros. Studio (sponsored by Improbable Ltd.) (2/2017)
  • "The Future of News Media" Kickoff speaker (by remote), Institute for The Future, San Francisco (1/2017)

  • DAVID BRIN's 2016 appearances

    2016 appearances

  • "The Future of People" (re: Human augmentation) MIT Media Lab (by Skype) (12/2016)
  • TedX-LA XPrize & ANA Airlines: announce “Avatar” Prize (12/2016)
  • Raw Science Film Festival, judge (12/2016)
  • "Technology & Society," “Future Robotics” and "From SciFi to Screen," Oregon State University residency (10/2016)
  • "Virtual/Augmented Reality & Internet of Things," Viacom Corp, New York (10/2016)
  • "Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence," GE Global Research, Whitney Symposium, Niskayuna, NY (10/2016)
  • "Will Artificial Intelligence occur by design, evolution, accident... or at all?" World of Watson: IBM conf, Las Vegas (10/2016)
  • "Climate Fiction," (by Skype) panel for Society of Environmental Journalists, Sacramento (9/2016)
  • "Creativity & Business Success," Webinar for Tata Group (India) (9/2016)
  • "Time, Mathematics, and the Mind of God," a panel with fellow astrophysicists Brian Keating & Andrew Friedman at the Arthur Clarke Center (8/2016)
  • "Societal aspects of technology," "Prediction," & "Inspiring STEM," World Science Fiction Convention, Kansas City (8/2016)
  • "Followup on Big Picture Dangers," White House Leadership Development Series, WH-EEOB, Washington DC (8/2016)
  • NASA Innovative and Advanced Concepts symposium, Raleigh NC (8/2016)
  • “Human augmentation: Will we change ourselves?” ViaSat Corp. (6/2016)
  • “Big Picture Perspectives on Future Threats” White House OSTP, Washington DC (6/2016)
  • “Future of Military Aviation” panel at AIAA forum, Washington DC (6/2016)
  • “STEM Education: inspiring bright new generations” Caltech Alumni, Washington DC (6/2016)
  • “Shall we shout ‘messages’ into the cosmos?” Ideacity Conference, Toronto (6/2016)
  • "David Brin & Kim Stanley Robinson: Our 21st Century" Annual James Arnold Lecture, UCSD (5/2016)
  • "Boeing at 100: what will the next 100 bring?" Redondo Beach, CA (4/2016)
  • "The vast array of potential threats, dangers and resilience solutions" for varied intelligence services, Washington, DC (2/2016)

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